About me

Justine Franklin

Photographer. Photo Editor

     My name is Justine Franklin. I am a photographer out of Rhode Island and do local work within the state.  I am a college graduate from the Community College of RI with an Associate in Science in Business and will further my education in Business at Rhode Island College.  During my time at CCRI, I completed several courses in Art and Digital Photography. 

     Since I was a teenager, I've had a deep love for photography and began to teach myself all that I could.  I learned how to use the camera and what each control does, how to fluently use Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop, and how to position subjects in a pleasing way.  I started out doing still life, but have quickly became fond of doing fashion photography.  I take photos of a wide range of subjects and are available for special requests. Photo editing services also available separately.



"Photograghs convey feelings that words cannot describe"